Flanging machine

The flanging machine series Standing Flanger turns up 90 degree flanges on radius cheeks so that the parts are ready for a Pittsburgh joint. The operation is made in a single pass. The machine is equipped with a stepless speed control system. The large flanging rolls produce uniform and non-wavy results both on small and big radii. Drive shafts, equipped with needle bearings, provide the quiet work of the flanging machine. The high quality flanging rolls made of hardened steel ensure a long service life of the machine.

The advanced Master Flange KG 15/1.5 facilitates the production process of small radius cheeks due to a series of options.

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Advantage of the machine
  • easy operation and maintenance
  • high working speed & quiet operation
  • thickness of metal 0,5 - 3,0 mm (0.020"- 0.120")
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 Model of Standing Flanger machine

KG 15/1.5

Thickness of metal Steel
400 N/m2, mm
0,5 - 1,25 (0.020"-0.049") 1,0 - 3,0 (0.039"- 0.120")
Flange height, mm 6 - 15 (0.24"- 0.59") 10 - 16 (0.39"- 0.63")
Min inner radius
(for 90° segment), mm
100 (4") 150 (6")
Min inner radius
(for 180° segment), mm
130 (5") 200 (8")
Working speed, m/min 4,7 or 9,4 (15/30)
0 - 10 (0 - 33 fpm)
Power, V/kW 380/0,55 380/3

VIdeo Standing Flanger SVR  

VIdeo StandingFlanger KG
   VIdeo StandingFlanger Heavy


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