Automatic duct forming line

Automatic duct forming coil line series "Ducter" is designed for small to medium volume workshops and is used to work with the coiled metal with width up to 1500 mm (60") (weighting up to 8 tons), thickness up to 1,5 mm (0,059") and minimal duct size 100x100 mm (4x4") .
The machine provides high efficiency production of straights air-ducts, especially when complemented with the seam-closing machine "Duct Closer". The production process can be managed by only one operator. The quantity and the parameters of the required products are inserted directly through the Touch Screen of the controller Siemens with a convenient and easy to manage interface.
Duct forming line has a modular design which allows to use it in different configurations: feeding & straightening of the coiled metal, stiffening, bending, cutting-to-lenght and allows to complete already bought machine with longitudinal cutting unit, coil-selection unit, etc.
 Ducter types

Advantage of the machine

  • Duct types: I, L, U, fully wrapped box
  • Hydraulic drive: long-term service and smooth operation
  • Color touch screen PLC controller Siemens with user-friendly interface
  • Self-diagnosis function, protection against "inexperienced operator"
  • Cycle sensor - serial manufacturing of similar products automatically without operator
  • External encoder - dimensional accuracy 0.5 mm (0.020")
  • Different types of Stiffening: Z, T, U
  • Transverse cutting of coiled metal per sheets for plasma
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Automatic duct forming line - Ducter FootPrint DuctLine
 Model 1500/1.6
Material thickness, mm 0,5 - 1,6 (0.020"- 0,063")
Max.coil width, mm 1500 (60")
Max. coil weigth, kg / recommended 8000/6000
Max.duct size, mm 2500х2500 (100x100")
Min.duct size, mm 100х100 (4x4")
Stiffening rib type Z-shaped profile
(U,T-types optionally)
Max.metal thickness with Z-shaped profile, mm 1,0 (0.039")
Working speed
(for the duct 400х400 mm), sec
Power supply, kW 4,0
Mounting area, m² 8
Weight, kg 2510

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  • Automatic line for production of rectangular air-ducts "Ducter" can be equipped with a coil selection module (AutoSelect) in manual and in automatic mode, which will greatly save your time for the transition from one coil of metal to another while changing the thickness ("AutoSelectLine").
4656 Ducter AutoSelect 2 autoline 

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