Gorelocker Vent Fitting
VentFitting DUO combines high safety level, user friendliness and catching design. Both stations work simultaneously: one is for flanging and another is for seam closing which is deaigned so that the tension while lock pressing is directed to one point, 25% capacity is already enough for proceeding 1.5 mm (0.059") which guarantees maximal lock density and speed. Set of knurled rollers helps worker to operate faster and get consistently high quality of elbows and reducers.

Segmental elbow maker VentFitting one of the most important machines to produce vent elements, jacketings, elbows, reduces, end caps, offsets, rainhats and so on. As good for chimneys accessorises. The machine for production of standing lockseam elbows originated in Western countries and is commonly known as gorelocker (machine for the production of gored elbows). There are two types of gorelocker: compact single-station machines - "Twist" and more productive two-station machine - combi gorelocker "Duo".

Advantage of the machine
  • flanging speed is up to 140 m/min (460 fpm)
  • min elbow diameter = 100 mm (4")
  • high capacity: 60 sec. (bend ø 200 mm, 90° / 4 segments)
  • reinforced table - 7 year warranty!
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Diameter range, mm
100 - 1500 (4"- 50")
VentFitting SVR FootPrint
30° (bend 90° consisting out of 4 and more segments)
Flanging Speed
 up to 140 m/min (460 fpm)
Production Time
~ 60 sec (bend Ø200 mm 90°  from 4 parts)
Material thickness, mm
0,4 - 1,5 (0.016"- 0.059") galvanized steel
0,4 - 1,0 (0.016"- 0.039") stainless steel
0,4 - 1,5 (0.016"- 0.059") aluminium
0,4 - 1,25 (0.016"- 0.049") copper
Power supply
5kVa/400V/50Hz/3 Phase
Pneumatic supply
20 l/min at 6 Bar
805 kg

* Learn more about price and delivery time of segmental elbow making machine - gorelocker VentFitting DUO (SVR Ltd) at sales managers!
  • set of tools for diameter from 100 mm (4");
  • set of rolls for production of integrated flange (h = 20 mm (0.79"), metall thickness 0,4 - 1,5 mm (0.016"- 0.059"). Video

Note: you can also order special protective gloves for gorelocker VentFitting.

Gloves made of genuine leather and composition, safety, metallic inserts, unlined, no fur.
Designed for use with the machine for the manufacture of segmented bends.

Protective gloves

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