Tubeformer “Spiral Ducter 2525”

Unrivalled, highly reliable, powerful tubeformer (30 kW) is the only one in the industry that works with any strip 137/ 140/ 150/ 205/ 215 mm. Designed for the production of tubes with diameters from 100 to 2500 mm (4" - 100") and wall thickness from 0,4 to 2,5 mm (0.016" - 0.098"), with both outer and inner seams. Wide range of applications: HVAC, Mining, Jackets for Heat, Gas and Oil pipelines, etc.

Advantage of the machine
  • Unique tubeforming machine that work with any strip: 137/140/150/205/215 mm.
  • Production of spiral tubes with outer/inner seam.
  • The number of seams on the tube for 40% less.
  • Up to 12% saving of material.
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Widestrip spiral tubeformer Spiral Ducter 25.25
Diameter range 100-2500 mm
Material thickness   0,4 - 2,5 mm (0.016"- 0.098") galvanized steel
0,7 - 1,6 mm (0.028"- 0.063") stainless steel
0,7 - 2,5 mm (0.028"- 0.098") aluminum
Strip width: 137/140/150/205/215 mm
Feeding speed Up to 75 m/min (246 fpm) - basic
up to 102 m/min (335 fpm)- optional
Coil weight Up to 1300 kg
Power supply 30 kW/ 3 х 380V/ 50 Hz
Pneumatic supply 7 Bar - 15 l/min
Motor Electrical, frequency controlled
Clinching roll hydraulic
Cutting device hydraulic slitter
Unloading tables pneumatic
Decoiler- with pneumatic brakes

VIDEO SpiralDucter SVR 1  

Video SpiralDucter1   VIDEO SpiralDucter 2mm cutting

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