Tubeformer D-Max 1.2 Ergonomic

The new tubeformer D-MAX Ergonomic is a new generation automatic spiral tubeforming machine.  Its main advantage is in the combination of modern electronics with the most compact mounting area. This mobile tubeformer leaves far behind all the existing analogs in its power, working speed and production effectiveness. The spiral tubeforming machine D-MAX 1,2 E can produce pipes with a wall thickness up to 1.4 mm (0.055") and a maximum feed rate of metal strip 72 m/min (241 fpm). This is the only tubeformer of its class that can produce pipes with inner seam.

The innovative SST technology (SPIRAL SMART TECHNOLOGY) of D-MAX machine allows you to accurately maintain a given length of the duct through the most effective measurement system. The tubes are cut to length with a flying slitter excluding the formation of burrs. Due to its compact design and mobility the tubeformer D-MAX 1,2E can be easily used for on-site work, inside the mine or in workshop related activities. The rigid forming heads provide tight seams and a consistent tolerance of the diameter without deviation. The modular approach enables you to choose from a variety of options to make the tubeformer according to your specific needs.

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Spiral tubeformer D-MAX Ergonomic  Basic set:
  1. Hydraulically operated clinching roller
  2. Automatic length measurement system
  3. Unloading table 3m for the ready pipes
  4. Vertical decoiler with pneumatic brakes and guides
  5. Flying slitter basic block
  6. A standard set of tools for the flying slitter up to 1 mm (0.039")
  7. Form roll units №1а, №3 (for the strip 0,4 - 1,0 mm (0.016"- 0.039") thick)
  8. Forming heads 12 pcs, Ø 100, 125, 160, 200, 250,
    315, 355, 400, 500, 630, 710, 800mm
Diameter range, mm Ø80-1600 mm (3.15" - 63")
Material thickness, mm 0,4-1,4 (0.016"- 0.055") galvanized steel
0,4-0,8 (0.016"- 0.031") stainless steel
0,6-1,4 (0.024"- 0.055") alunimium
Strip width, mm 0,4-1,0 mm (0.016"- 0.039") 137mm
1,0-1,4 mm (0.039"- 0.055") 140 mm
Power supply 15 kW/ 3 х 380V/ 50 Hz
Feeding speed Up to 72 m/min (241 fpm)
Optional up to 106 m/min (332 fpm)
Performance (duct length is 3 m):
Material thickness/diameter:
  • 0,5/Ø100 mm - 260 Duct/hour
  • 0,7/Ø500 mm - 66 ducts/hour
  • 0,9/Ø1250 mm - 20 ducts/hour
  • 1,25/Ø1600 mm - 12 ducts/hour 

D Max 1.2 Ergonomic v 01   Video D MAX Ergonomic

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