Three-roll bending (3+1)

 Roll bending CNC machine "Form Roller" is a perfect solution for mass production of pipes of various forms: round, oval / plane-oval, triangular and square tube shapes. 

This multipurpose three-roll forming machine is optionally equipped with a convenient and easy-to-use control panel with a touch screen display. CNC allows the operator to specify up to 20 consecutive steps of the future program the number of which reaches 20. The roll former work with CNC in manual or automatic mode, and in diagnostic mode CNC provides extensive information on the status of all elements of the machine. For a full rounding the three-roll bending machine produces a primary bend of the tube (4-th roll - optionally). The machine works with galvanize and stainless, mild steel and thanks to a wide range of configurations of  pipes the machine is essential not only in the production of flat and round pipes what is actual for stainless steel tanks, chimney pipes and so on.

Price and delivery terms for the three-roll bending machine with CNC Form Roller specify with sales managers!

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 Three-roll bending machine - Form Roller (SVR)
Working length, mm
1030 (40")
1280 (50")
1530 (60")
Shaft diameter, mm
52 (2.05")
60 (2.36")
70 (2.75")
52 (2.05")
60 (2.36")
63 (2.48")
70 (2.75")
90 (3.54")
60 (2.36")
70 (2.75")
85 (3.35")
90 (3.54")
100 (4")
Metal thickness
(400 N/mm2), mm
1,1 (0.043")
1,5 (0.059")
1,8 (0.071")
0,9 (0.035")
1,2 (0.047")
1,3 (0.051")
1,5 (0.059")
2,0 (0.079")
0,8 (0.031")
1,2 (0.047")
1,8 (0.071")
2,0 (0.079")
2,4 (0.094")
 *Models with other specifications could be made by request!

Standard equipment:

  • Hardened shafts
  • Ground shafts
  • 3rd roll drive


  •  Gauge for conical bending
  • Additional 4th pre bending roll with color touchscreen panel


  •  Support for conical bending:
FormRoller Support for conical bending VIDEO FormRoller Support for conical bending

Video 31 Roller 1   VIDEO FormRoller Support for conical bending  

Video FormRoller SVR Ltd   video FormRoller SVR ltd

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