Automatic roll-bending
Automatic rolling machine "AutoRounder" used for serial production of segmented bends. Automated capture and feeding of workpieces to the rolling block by  pneumatic manipulator. Quick shift from one thickness to another, convenient adjustment of rear roll, built-in automatic centering and leveling of the workpiece. High efficiency (up to 1200 shells per hour) by syncronization with "Stitcher" while controlling just one operator (see the video).
The range of diameters is 80 mm - 1000 mm (3.15"- 40").
Metal thickness is 0.4-1.0 mm (0.016"- 0.039").

Advantage of the machine

  • AutoRounder 800 is an automatic rollformer designed to support high-speed production of round-shaped metal parts (segmented elbows)
  • Effective production is achieved through the use of elbow bending rolls AR 800 together with the overlap welding machine "Stitcher"
  • The material feed is performed by the automatic manipulator
  • Rapid shift from one material thickness to another in all Ø range 80-1000 mm (3.15"- 40")

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Diamater range: 80 - 1000 mm (3.15"- 40") AutoRounder AR800 FootPrint
Maximum blank width: 800 mm (31")
(depending on the material characteristics)
Material thickness: galvanized steel: 0,4 - 1,0 mm (0.016"- 0.039")
stainless steel: 0,4-0,6 mm (0.016"- 0.024")
aluminium: 0,4 - 1,0 mm (0.016"- 0.039")
Max.output: 1200 shells/hour
Power supply: 1,5 kW / 400V / 50 Hz

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Video Auto Rounder SVR dec20   Stitcher AutoRounder syncronous work  

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AutoRounder Video   video AutoRounder

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