Button Lock Machine

The "AirClincher" is designed to connect the metal by plastic deformation. The main advantage of this method is to preserve the corrosion resistance of the finished product, in contrast to the thermal welding, where the compound is in the process of burning out the protective layer of zinc and require further processing of the finished product. 
The machine is widely used in mass production of ventilation systems, appliances, electrical products and automotive.

Used for the connection of metal such as "T-pieces", flange duct etc.

Advantage of the machine
  • Maintaining the corrosion resistance of the finished product
    (no burning out of galvanic layer)
  • Various types of dies and punches
  •  60 mm throat (2.4")
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Button lock machine - Air Clincher

Stages of formation of the castle

Formation of the castle takes a few seconds
and consists of three steps listed below:

Step 1 (Lock): Puller of the punch fixes mating sheet metal.

Step 2 (Hood): Punch pushes connectable package in the target
point and the metal under his influence begins to fill the matrix.

Step 3 (Connect): lateral lobes of the matrix under the influence
of the metal expanded, thereby forming a solid lock. The result
is a vibration-proof safe and tight connection, which was created
without the use of standard fasteners.

Material used:
Galvanizing    400 N/mm

Stainless steel  600 N/mm2

2 x 1,5 mm (2 x 0.059") or
3 x 1 mm (3 x 0.039")
1 mm + 1 mm (2 x 0.039")
Air Supply  6 Bar
Speed 80 cycles per minute
Sortie 400 mm (15")
Height disclosure tool 60 mm (2.4")
Maximum force 38 kN
Machine weight 390 kg
Dimensions L x W x H 1150 х 600 х 1850 mm

AirClincher Video  airclincher

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