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Unrivalled, highly reliable, powerful tubeformer (30 kW) is the only one in the industry that works with any strip 137/140/150/205/215 mm.
The most productive spiral tubeforming machine in the world - up to 106 m/min (332 fpm)
AutoRounder 800 is an automatic rollformer designed to support high-speed production of segmental elbows.
Stitchwelding machine "Stitcher" produces the seam of excellent quality without damaging the electrolyte surface of the welded material.
This combination of high reliabile machines is used for radial welding of pressed half-shells bends with diameter from 80 to 315 mm.
Gorelocker VentFitting DUO combines high safety level, user friendliness and catching design. Both working stations were upgraded on this model.
The estimated production time for one elbow Ø300 mm from both sides is about 95 seconds.
Roll bending CNC machine "FormRoller" is a perfect solution for mass production of pipes of various forms: round, oval / plane-oval, triangular and square tube shapes.
The machine is widely used in mass production of ventilation systems, appliances, electrical products and automotive.
Seam closing machine "TubeFolder" is designed to close seams of air-ducts.
The motor driven swaging machine is designed for work with metal up to 1.75 mm (0.069").
The new generation edgeforming machine RotoFormer is an ideal solution for mass production of round ducts and chimneys.
The Flanger is filled with operator friendly features and industrial components including the precision ID and OD truing rolls mounted onto a substantial 36 in. (915 mm) square work surface.
The CNC 4-roll round bending machine "MasterRoller" is used to get tubes of different shape.
The press gives a flat oval shape to round spiral-wound air ducts with diameters from 380 mm to 2400 mm.
Producing 90° angles from coil stock, the Angler also automatically cuts to a desired length, and features complete PLC controls and touch screen for easy operation.
Automatic line for the production of airtight flexible ducts diameters from 70 mm to 400 mm (3"- 16") of aluminum and stainless steel strips
The machine is used for forming a flange at the edges of blanks, as well as the profile from metal strip
Universal machine, designed to produce a high quality welded seam on circular parts and oval air-ducts.

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"SVR Ltd." - design & manufacturing company- is an innovator since the start of it’s activity till now, being famous not only in Russia but also far from it, as a producer of ventilation machines and CNC production lines with high safety, durability and capacity level. Our philosophy is a pay maximum attention to every customer needs.

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