Industrial unit with IPG or analog fiber laser and CNC is designed for cutting stainless, galvanized, aluminum etc. materials, using libraries of 3D parametric graphics and fittings to comply with any HVAC & Metal Shop manufacturing requirements. Head with a THC control system (Z axis).
The laser can be equipped with a shuttle table. Large variety of laser sources (from 1 up to 6 kW).

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Design features of the unit

  • Color monitor 27 "/ Windows 10 / software 2D + Nesting (EtherCAT Communication)
  • Fly cut, down jump, compensate, lead, micro-joint,  pre-pierce, multilevel pierce and film cut etc…
  • Auto FindEdge, manual FindEdge,  auto sort and break point cut, etc…
  • Communication: EtherCAT protocol control with real-time refresh cycle 1ms.
  • Friendly maintenance: auto calibration and break point mode.
  • Speed: max. acceleration 3G, max. cutting 80 m/min.
  • Safety: overload protection to axis moment, real-time monitoring to axis moment to stop and upload servo alarm.
  • Free access to the unit from all sides provides for effective workspace utilization.
  • Precision racks and servomotors guarantee high positioning accuracy and cutting speed.
  • Dynamic head keeps given gap and provides vibration damping caused by cutting nozzle position changing at high speed while cutting uneven “waving” sheets.
  • Guard screen protects the machine service area and shop space from the ingress of metal vaporization products.
  • Area exhaust system ensures effective and saving metal dust and gaseous compound extraction from the workspace. 
  • SVR laser units are equipped with IPG or analog fiber lasers.

Product Parameters:
Working Area, mm
2500х1250 (4'x8')
3000х1500(2) (5'x10')
4000х1500(2) (5'x13')
6000х1500 (5'x20)

Basic set include:

  • Automatic detection of distance to the surface of the sheet
  • Ergonomic remote control
  • Automatic gas pressure control system
  • Automatic sheet metal detection system on the desktop
  • Set of spare parts for setting up and maintaining of the machine,
    including nozzles and lenses
  • Booster 25 Bar
  • Water chiller
  • Operator glasses



Laser Output Power
1000 – 6000 w
Traverse clearance, mm
100 (4")
X/Y-axis Max. linkage speed
140 m/min (460 fpm)
X/Y-axis positioning accuracy
0.03 mm (0,0012")
X/Y-axis repositioning accuracy
0.02 mm (0,0008")
Maximum acceleration 1.5G
Maximum cutting speed
45-60 m/min (148-197 fpm)
220 V/50 Hz/12 А
Cutting head with AutoFocus
1000 – 6000 w
Exhaust connection diameter
315 mm (12,4")


 HVAC Laser FootPrint 3000x1500 double pallet color Prime Laser FootPrint 4000x1500 Prime Laser FootPrint 6000x1500

Fiber lasers ensure high-quality metal processing at speeds 1.5 – 2 times higher than that of equivalent power СОlasers.

Prime Laser competitive advantages:

  • Laser cutting is a noncontact process eliminating the need in expensive dies and moulds as well as retooling costs.
  • System cost and monthly operating expenses are substantially lower than the costs of devices similar in operation manufactured by leading foreign and domestic producers.
  • High positioning accuracy provided by ultra reliable servos along with thin cutting beam (width is 0.12 mm (0,0047") only) allows the operator to make precision cuts in even the finest material successfully without its damage during the cutting.
  • Auxiliary gases (either oxygen or argon) applied in the cutting process ensure clean and smooth edge of the product regardless of steel grade and thickness, thus eliminating the need in further deburring.
  • Perfectly clean cut when operating on compressed air under a pressure of 6 – 8 Bar even at light-gauge sheets (up to 1.5 mm (0.059"));
  • High vibration resistance.
  • Superior dust protection.
  • Safety assurance and compliance with environment protection standards due to the high quality exhaust system and elimination of air emission allows achieving considerable electric and heat energy savings at forced ventilation.
  • No complex mirror system requiring continuous adjustment and expensive maintenance.
  • Energy consumption for the entire complex is several times lower than of CO2 equivalents.
  • Low-cost consumables.
  • No highly-skilled personnel are required.

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