Decoiler Master Coil

Uncoiling machine MasterCoil is designed for reeling out sheet coil material. A frame is a support for two ball-bearings located to the left and to the right and put onto a hollow shaft journal. Four slide blocks are moved along the surface. Two driving blocks are connected through nuts with a screw located inside the hollow shaft. On the screw left end a sleeve is mounted, which sleeve, being turned manually, causes rotation of the screw. The slide blocks are connected in pairs with a set of plates, which, in their turn, are connected with four sectors. Structurally the shaft with slide blocks, plates and sectors form a drum. A coil is to be put onto the drum in compression position. The sheet material coil is securely fixed in deployment position for stripping. At the right on the screw are mounted brake shoes and a stop member for manual braking and fixation of the drum.

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Model of decoiler Master Coil UR 1250/8 UR 1500/8 UR 1500/5
Coil weight (max), kg 8000 8000 5000-6000
Coil width (max), mm 1250 (40") 1500 (50") 1500 (50")
Overall dimensions (L, W, H), mm 1780x1010x1060
Inner coil diameter, mm 360 - 640 (14"- 25") 360 - 640 (14"- 25") 580-700 (23"- 28")

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