Automatic Run-Off Table (AROT)

Automatic Run-Off Table - a valuable contribution to the modernization of the workshop for the production of spiral-air ducts. AROT is designed for mutual work with tubeforming machine, for automatic unloading finished pipes. It makes possible the non-stop process of pipes production. AROT is suitable for working with a range of diameters from 80 to 2000 mm and can be installed on almost any tubeformer.

The combination of a Spiral tubeforming machine with the Automatic Run-Off Table offers a number of advantages:

  • Productivity growth
    • Automation of the production process
      • Accurate acceptance and discharge of pipes to either side

It is possible to quickly adjust the height of the table, the distance between the rollers and the position of the table relative to the machine, depending on the diameter of the forming tube.

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Automatic Run-Off Table (AROT): FOOT PRINTarot
Tube legth  up to 6 m (20')
Load  450 kg
Air consumption 21 l/sec (1260 l/min)
Air pressure 6 bar

4950х1100/3000*х1120 mm
(*Without / with a receiving ramp)

Weight  700 kg

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