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Longitudinal seam welder "B-Welder" works on TIG, the most widely used method in the chimney industry. The machine ensures a constant welding seam without the formation of burns in its starting and ending points. The machine is equipped with a TIG power source series TransTig or MagicWave by Fronius or by IPG laser.

"B-Welder" is a perfect solution for longitudinal seam welding of pipes and tubes: chimney / ventilation systems, ducts.

Advantage of the machine
  • User-friendly machine control due to Schneider 12" touchscreen panel
  • Positioning accuracy 0.02 mm (0,00079") due to high-precision servo motor Panasonic / Schneider.
  • Modern and reliable welding inverter Fronius / Selco Weld (or others on request). Complete with welding torches Abicor Binzel.
  • Welding of stainless steel low or high-alloy steel, galvanized steel
  • ActiveWave technology guarantees the softest possible yet highly stable arc
  • A wide range of machine's modifications for different tasks
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Material Stainless steel
Thickness, mm 0,4- 1,5
0.016"- 0.059"
Tube diameter, mm
70 - 800 *(optionally from 60 to 1200 mm)
2,8"- 31,5" *(2.4"- 47.24")
Tube length, mm 50 - 1000 (1550)
2"- 40" (61")
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2700 х 1300 х 1870
106"x 52"x 74"
Weight, kg 930
Power supply 3 х 380 V/50 Hz
Compressed air, atm 6-10


The chimneys produced with the butt-seam welding machine "B-Welder", among other things, are distinguished by the aesthetic outside appearance and considered as products of a prime quality, which increases their competitiveness in the market. To obtain the uniform and even seam surface the blank's edges must be perfectly smooth, without burrs and scratches, and should fit together along the entire length. To get the workpiece that meets all these requirements, the metal should be cut on a good guillotine with solid knives (such as SMT 150 or ChimneyLine). The rounding of the tube should be done with the special 3 or 4-roll bending machine (such as MasterRoller).
* Learn more about price and delivery time of longitudinal seam welding machine "B-Welder" (SVR Ltd) at sales managers!

Basic set includes:

  • robust welded machine body
  • control unit (display panel) is integrated into the body of the machine
  • control of the welding process, TouchScreen LCD display and numeric keypad
  • compact modular drive with toothed belt, closed from external influences
  • precise servo control of axis with integrated measuring length, speed indication and the ability to change the speed of welding process with automatic latching a new value
  • configuration parameters:
    - Change the point of beginning welding 
    - Enter the length of the work piece with an accuracy of 0.1 mm 
    - Set time elapses / Lift burner 
    - Gas management 
    - Moving speed of the burner 5 - 1500 cm / min 
    - Emergency stop
  • рneumatic clamp
  • automatic opening clips on completion of the welding process
  • adjustable welding flux before the welding process
  • all the copper elements are manufactured with the use of wear-resisting alloys
  • self-adjusting, individual clamping system
  • automatic lifting of the torch
  • welding speed for 1m of stainless steel 0.5mm - 40sec.
  • possibility to start welding at any required point along the length of the workpiece
  • built-in pneumatic system
  • moving protective glass for the eyes
  • correspondence to CE norms
  • color RAL 4006/6004

Welding equipment:

  • TIG DC power source Trans Tig (standart equipment)
  • 100% working capacity = 150А
  • 35% working capacity = 220А
  • torch for automatic welding BINZEL AUT WIG 400 

Water cooler for cooling the copper parts

  • wire feed unit
  • power source MagicWave 220 (TIG DC + AC/DC)
  • saving up to 100 programms
  • slot for external programming

Filler Wire (Adaptive Wire Feeding)

Cutting of the sheet metal is always accompanied with small deformations of the sheet edge and the appearance of burrs, which results in deviations and formation of local spaces. To compensate the missing material in the welding seam, TIG welding machine "B-Welder" can be optionally equipped with a wire feed unit.

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