Seam welding

Resistance seam welding machine "R-Welder" (SVR Ltd.) is a perfect solution for radial welding of stainless and black steel sector elbows and components. Irreplaceable welding machine in the production of chimney fittings.

Industrial controller with memory slot for 99 programs makes easy working process and allows to weld different metals without any setting changes. Large selection of special accessories (special arms and wheels) determines a wide range of applications: the production of elbows, reducers, tanks, exhaust hood, smoke collectors etc. 

Advantage of the machine
  • Seam welder head holding the wheel-holder with silver contacts for better electrical current conductivity (mercury free)
  • Shaft mounted on ball bearings with lubrication for long lifecycle
  • Electronic control panel with synchronous control of welding parameters
  • Infinitely variable main drive for welding speed adjustment
  • Memory slot for 99 programs
  • Max effort on the arms: 470 daN at 6 bar. When using extension of 150 mm-300 daN
  • “Goose neck” type set of welding arms and wheels for three, four and five sectors elbows production. The upper wheel Ø 200 mm, lower Ø 77 mm
  • Chiller for efficient heat removal from the wheels, arms, transformer and thyristors
  • Foot pedal for easy machine control
  • CE norms accordance
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Radial seam welding machine for chimney fittings production - R-Welder


Seam welding machine "R-Welder" can be equipped with different type of arms, depending on the types of products manufactured. So, for the manufacture of cylindrical tanks, reducers, hoods, tanks - roller seam welding machine is necessary to complete the "straight" arms. In the production of elbows, consisting of three or four segments, more convenient to work on special arms of the "goose-neck".
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Minimal diameter 80 mm (3,15")
Maximal diameter 1000 mm (40")
Maximal thickness:
normal steel (250 N/mm2)
stainless steel (600 Н/мм2)

1,5+1,5 mm (0.059"+0.059")
1,2+1,2 mm (0.047"+0.047")
Drive type electrical
Welding speed 1 – 8 m/min (3-26 fpm)
Max effort on the arms 470 daN
Cooling power required 3,5 kW
Electricity supply 35 kW, 3х380V, 50Hz
Air supply 2 – 6 Bar
Dimensions, LхWхH 1500х600х1600 mm (59"x24"x63")
Weight 500 kg

Standard complete:

1) Set of arms “goose neck” in complete with for production  90 ° knee with 3 or 4 sector
2) Upper and lower welding wheels diam. 200 mm and 87 mm
3) Foot pedal
4) The chiller for cooling the machine 


  • Set of standard straight arms and welding wheels for 90 ° knee diam. 250 – 450 mm  
  • Set of reinforced straight arms and welding wheels for 90 ° knee diam. 450 – 700 mm  
  • Upper welding wheel 
  • Lower welding wheel 
  • Protective dielectric cover

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