Overlap welding
The overlap welding machine "Stitcher" produces stitch or continuous seam of excellent quality without damaging the electrolyte surface of the welded material. The welded seam is 100% constant from the beginning to the end, no need to clean or rework the welding rolls, and eliminating burnt galvanized coating results in less finishing work. Stitchwelder machine works both with galvanized and stainless steel, the thickness of metal to be welded with the stitchwelder of a new modification is increased up to 1.6 mm (0.062") and welding speed up to 15 m/min (49 fpm). There is no need to clean and additionally maintain the welding rolls.
Convenience and ease of operation - user-friendly controller "SimplyWeld" based on Windows 10.
Over 150 "iStitcher" were produced by "SVR Ltd" and used by our customers around the world!
Advantage of the machine
  • The new multifunctional touchscreen controller "SimplyWeld" based on Windows 10 - save up to 99 welding modes, simplifying the mode shift when there is a need to change the material thickness or the steel grade. Complete self-diagnosis.
  • Pneumatic clamping of the upper roll simplifies the operator's work and increases the productivity of the machine by 15%, due to special mode configuration of the machine
  • The seam is strengthened at the points of maximum tension- at the beginning and end, while being sparing in the middle, which decreases energy consumption significantly (≈20%)
  • The machine simplifies the operator's work in welding the short pipe shells
  • Optionally iStitcher electronics allow to boost welding power up to 1.6 + 1.6 mm (0.062 + 0.062") - galvanized & mild steel
  • Ergonomical design: the chiller is built-in into the frame of the stitchwelding machine and included in the basic set

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Seam welding machines series "Stitcher 1000 /1270 /1540 /1650" are being successfully used by many fabricators (HVAC field) in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, USA and Canada, the Middle East, Australia, South Africa. The application scope of this equipment includes both air ducts and chimney production, where the seam welding is used as an alternative to TIG or butt welding.
Overlap seam welding machine Stitcher 1000-1270-1500-1650 MasterStitch FootPrint
Diameter range, mm 75 - 1000 (3"- 40")
Welding length, mm 50-1000/1270/1500/1650
(2"- 40"/50"/60"/65")
Material thickness, mm 0,4 - 1,0 (0.016"- 0.039")
model iStitcher Up to 1,6 (0.062")
galvanized steel
Overlap, mm

6 mm (0.024") - model 1020
8 mm (0.31") - model 1270/1540/1650

Welding speed, m/min 1 - 15 (3 - 49 fpm)
Diam.of copper wire, mm 2,0 (0.078")
Max.welding capacity 30 kVa
Electrical connection* 3x400 V/50 Hz
* Type iStitcher has ability to work on 220 V /1 phase/ 50 Hz

* Learn more about price and delivery time of Stitchwelder for HVAC works - iStitcher (SVR Ltd) at sales managers!

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