Intelligent Swaging machine

The new generation edgeforming machine RotoFormer is an ideal solution for the serial production of chimneys and round ducts. The machine is equipped with SmartSwage intellegent controller with 3 operating modes: manual, automatic and a teach mode, which allows the machine to automatically memorize the sequence of actions (rotation direction and speed of the wheels, movement of the upper wheel, etc.), and then to automatically repeat the entire operation. Compact design, high work speed and reinforced design allow to work with the metal up to 1.75 mm (0.07") thickness.

Advantage of the machine

  • Intelligent controller SmartSwage
  • Three operating modes: manual, automatic and a teaching mode
  • The reinforced construction that enables to work with metal up to 1.75 mm (0.07")
  • High work speed (up to 28 m/min - 92 fpm)
  • Motor driven upper shaft

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Swaging machine with CNC - Roto Former

 Standard Equipment:

  • Self-learning AutoTeach Function
  • 3 Operating modes: Teach, Automatic, Manual
  • Variable adjustment of the upper wheel and digital display
  • The clamping function moves the upper wheel to the material clamping position
  • Digital display in mm or inches
  • Right-left-run foot switch with smooth ramp acceleration
  • Axial lower wheel adjustment and clamping mechanism• Standard - five pairs of rolls (V1, V2, V3, crimping rollers, BB)
  • Wheel box
  • Wheel key
Center-to-center distance    63 mm (2.48")
Max.working depth    250 mm (10")
Max.material thickness    1,75 mm (0.07")
Rotation speed    0 - 14 m/min (46 fpm)
   0 - 28 m/min (92 fpm)
Working height    1000 mm (40")
Power supply    0.78kW/230V/50Hz
Weight    104 kg

 ! Catalog of Swaging Rolls !

In the teaching mode the microprocessor automatically memorizes the sequence of actions performed by the operator, by reading the operating parameters (rotation direction and speed of the wheels, positioning of the upper shaft, etc.). After the operator “has taught” the system having finished with the first workpiece, he just switches the machine into the automatic mode. The system “clones” the entire operation with the second workpiece, while the operator’s task is only to support and change the blanks.

The variety of options enables you to choose and make the edgeforming machine according to your specific needs.

  • The required wheels can be ordered by a catalogue.

Video RotoFormer 12   v rotoformer

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