4-roll bending machine

The CNC four-roll round bending machine "MasterRoller" is the ideal solution for serial production of high-quality round tubes for air ducts and chimneys, tanks, stoves and fireplaces. With the NC controller you can program rounding machine to get the highest repetitive accuracy of the blanks for subsequent welding on longitudinal seam welding machine B-Welder. Convenient operation via color touch-screen display with settings of bending and hemming.

4-roll bending machine with CNC can produce tubes of different shapes:
4 MasterRoller tubes 1

Advantage of the machine
  • Smooth feeding of blank, adjust the angle of bending and sheet thickness
    • 200 programs storage capacity (up to 30 steps/program)
      • Self-diagnostics system and failure protection
      • Individual program settings for various tube profiles
      • The ability to produce different shapes: ellipse, triangle, oval etc.
        • Automatic ejection of finished tubes, unloading table (optional)
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Four-roll bending machine - Master Roller
FOOT PRINT Roll Model table masterroll enginches
Working length, mm from 500 to 1500
(20"- 60")
Material thickness, mm
(400 N/mm2)

up to 2.5 (0.098")
 (600 N/mm2) up to 2.0 (0.078")
Working speed, m/min 8,5 (28 fpm)
Upper roll Ø, mm
Pre-bending roll Ø, mm
Lateral rolls, mm
85 (3.34")
75 (2.95")
70 (2.76")
Dimension: LхWхH, mm 2150х830х1350
Shafts hardening  60 HRC
Weight, kg 480
Capacity, kWt 1.47
Power, V/Hz 3х400/50

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VIDEO MasterRollerSVR nov 21   Video 4 Roller 1  

Video 4 Roller SVR   Video Master Roller customers blanks

Video Master Roller SVR Ltd   Video Master Roller

masterroller   Video MasterRollerSVR

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