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Powerful automatic expansion machine "Stretcher" is used for widening of thin-wall metal pipes with a thickness from 0,4 mm to 2,0 mm (0.015"- 0.079"), for further pipe-in-pipe joint. This compact machine with high efficiency is an ideal solution for serial production of stainless steel chimneys.

Widen machine "Stretcher" allows to produce a large range of products: chimney pipes, drain pipes, exhaust systems, ventilation pipes, etc. Expanding tools made of hard plastic to prevent future corrosion.

Advantage of the machine

  • High performance (cycle time 3 seconds)
    • Easy quick-release tools with height from 10 to 100 mm
      • Wide range of options (PLC controll, color touch screen, step program, turn table, rotating expansion head etc.)
        • Expansion tools is made individually on the customer's drawings
        • An ideal solutions for the serial production of stainless, mild, galvanized steel chimneys

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Wall thickness: 0,4 - 2,0 mm (0.015"- 0.079")
(optionally up to 4.0 mm/ 0.16")
Pipe diameter: 113 - 1200 mm (60 - 100 mm)
4.45" - 47.24" (2.36"-3.94")
Converting length 10 - 100 mm (0.39"- 4")
Expansion stroke 0 - 18 mm, smooth adjustment
(0 - 0.71")
Processing duration ˜1 second
Hydraulic motor 2,2 - 4,0 kWt
Charging height 570 - 855 mm (22.44"- 33.66")
Angle of inclination of the processing head 900 for two sides
Electricity 3 х 400 V/50 Hz, 16 А
Dimensions (L х W х H) 1100 х 750 х 850 mm

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  • Touch screen + PLS Siemens
  • Stage program STEP (for step-expanding)
  • Automatic turn table with connection to the PLC 
  • Small expansive head of D50 mm

Video Stretcher w6   Video Stretcher w6 wide tube

VIDEO Stretcher W6 MT   stretcher

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