Chimney Production Line

Automatic modular "Chimney Line SL 1000" with ergonomic CNC panel is designed for mass production of high quality pipes from coiled metal. High capacity at relatively low cost (up to 100 pipes of diameter 200 mm (7.87") per hour). Highly reliable line for intensive use without any special maintenance requirements. This is a perfect solution for automation of the stainless steel chimney production.

Metal Thickness is 0.4 - 1.0 mm (0.016"- 0.039")

Advantage of the machine
  • High capacity line at relatively low cost (up to 100 pipes Ø 200 mm (7.87") per hour)
  • Raw material savings - working with coiled metal
  • Smart edge achieved through the use of 2 bending rolls with Ø70mm
  • A fully automatic line: working process managed by one operator
  • Fast and easy tube diameter changeover
  • Effective brushless motors
  • Special table's covering protects the surface of blanks from scratches
  • Compact design and full correspondence to CE safety standards.   
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Automatic line for the chimney production - Chimney Line

Basic set: 

  • Decoiler with a manually operated spindle (capacity 3000 kg). The decoiler is equipped with a
    manually operated disk brake to adjust the decoiling speed and the core fixation.
  • Straightening  module consisting of 5 rolls (2 rubber-coated rolls and 3 chrome-plated steel
    rolls) powered by a reliable brushless motor with a capacity of 1.5 kW. The measuring system is
    supported with a high-precision encoder.
  • The especially rigid and stable electromechanical guillotine (2.2 kW) guarantees smooth edges
    and clean cutting.
  • The high-precision feeding module provides the feed of the blanks to the bending module with
    a positioning accuracy of ± 0,3 mm. The module is made up of the steel table with a special
    coating to prevent mechanical damage to the surface of the workpieces.
  • The bending module provides beading and bending of the blanks. It consists of a 4-roll bending
    machine with 2 bending rolls Ø60 mm and 2 beading rolls Ø70 mm.
  • The core of the system is made up of a control unit with a built-in Windows XP-based computer.
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Diameter range, mm  100 - 800 (4"- 31.5")
Automatic mode, mm 100 - 350 (4"- 13.8")
Semi-automatic mode, mm 350 - 800 (13.8"- 31.5")
Material thickness (600 N/mm2), mm  0,4 - 1,0 (0.016"- 0.039")
Tube length, mm                               300 - 1000 (11.8"- 40")
Bending speed, m/min 0,5 - 5 (1.6 - 16 fpm)
Positional accuracy, mm ±0,3 (0.012")
Frequency, мм ±0,3 (0.012")
Power consumption, kW 6
Electrical connection, V/Hz 3х380/50
Compressed air, Bar 8
Air flow, l/min 300
Dimensions LxWxH, mm: 6000 x 2000 x 1700
(20' x 6.6' x 5.6')
Weight, kg 2000
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Coil Select Module - "Auto Select":

This option allows you to simultaneously connect to the Chimney Line (SVR)
up to 4 coils, which significantly reduces the time for refueling of coilled metal
and greatly simplifies the transition from one metal to another.
As a result - increased productivity of the stainless steel chimneys area.


Video ChimneyLine and AutoWelder   Video ChimneyLine and AutoWelder 2

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2 ChimneyLine 1000 1.0 Video   Video Chimney Line SVR july 18

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